Our Quality Approach

As we consider each project to be “unique” in its own, in light of the needs of the project, “planning”, “organization”, “implementation” and “certification” processes are the steps to be followed.

  • While providing those services, we comply with all required standards, specifications and legislations as agreed upon, and with a view to meeting the requirements of the project, we carry out all kinds of inspections, certifications, research and where necessary, tests and reporting activities.
  • While we fulfill our duty, we fully follow the legislations in line with international standards, ensuring complete confidentiality and security.
  • During the planning process, potential adverse environmental impacts are assessed with high awareness, taking relevant laws and legislations into consideration, with the aim of keeping those impacts at the lowest level while increasing the environmental recycling to the highest level possible.
  • We follow manufacturing process under highest level of awareness and diligence regarding labor safety, we deal with the issue in line with relevant legislation . We also take all necessary measures and spend every effort to prevent labor accidents.