Our Management Policy

Since each project is unique in its own way, according to the needs of the project, we carry out planning, organization, implementation and certification according to the needs of the project. While we provide these services, complying to all required standards, specifications and legislations as agreed upon and in order to meet the requirements of the project, carrying out all kinds of inspections, certifications, research and in cases required, carrying out the tests and reporting activities.

While we carry out our duty, we take the legislations into account in line with the international standards and we provide complete confidentiality and security.

While carrying out planning, we aim to take potential adverse environmental impacts with highest level of awareness, taking the laws and legislations into consideration, keeping them at the lowest level while increasing the environmental recycling to the highest levels possible.

While we follow the manufacturing process, with highest level of awareness and care regarding to occupational safety, we take the subject according to the laws and rules and taking all the necessary measures, we show effort to prevent occupational accidents.